Research & Development

Our Research & Development team make up the scientific and technological arm of our company. R&D is a critical part of our product development and has allowed us to establish a strong foothold in the expanding Adhesive market.

Our experienced research personnel has mastered the art of producing a highly successful product range that is recognised by our clientele for their excellent quality and cost effectiveness. Our R&D department is divided into 3 main branches that are responsible for process based technological innovations and product development we are continuously involved in:

Polymer Division: All polymer formulations are trialled in our pilot plant reactors and put through extensive physical and analytical testing before being approved for plant scale-up. Our on-site R&D team is responsible for the enhancement and testing of existing polymers, development of new emulsions and analysis and testing of all new/ existing raw materials.

Adhesive Division: Our chemical engineers are well experienced and equipped in the complex field that is adhesive formulating and testing. They are accustomed to working with a broad spectrum of raw materials, and are fully capable in the area of industrial design and development of custom adhesives.

Our R & D facilities are equipped with all the resources and equipment required for the simulation of product end- use conditions needed for perfecting product performance characteristics.

Process Engineering Division: is responsible for keeping up to date on current and emerging process development technology, and ensuring the smooth functioning of our Polymer and Adhesive processing plants.